Monday, July 16, 2007

:Faceful Dosage

Some doodlers I done during 1/2hour breaks at work.
Which ironically is the same reason why posts have been lacking :P

Full time jobs you don't enjoy doing suck... When is school starting again?


Not quite sure what exactly this is but I believe that was the whole point. Trying to test out my concept monster making skillz. The drawing began upside down until someone looked at it... upside down and then it all came together... well, not exactly but anyhow.



Finally took the time to clean-up my computer area and discovered my scanner buried deep below a mountain of bills.
You can hardly tell but, in the bottom right corner, a friend of mine drew a beefy espionage sort of character and what I did here was try and spice it up a little. Keep in mind that one day I'll actually be able to draw weapons ;)