Thursday, January 19, 2012

:Speed Stream

I've actually set a timer on this to pace myself accordingly. The experience reminds me of gesture life-drawing in that you leave "mistakes" and find ways to make it work. This'll be an effective thumb-nailing process if I can curb the time down to a comfy 15 minutes (This was an hour). Once more I implore you lovely passer-bys to speak up in the comments section if something sticks out I haven't spotted.

Monday, January 16, 2012

:VSV Bot

This particular piece is a little glimpse into yet another project I've recently wrapped on. The character in question is none other than the games driving motivator. Perhaps I'll have more details for you lovely folk once the game goes live in a few weeks.

:Vi to the king

Didn't realize there was a Stats tab to track traffic. Apparently people still come here...

Done this around the time I worked on the project below. Friend of mine was looking to colour his art work. Gave it a shot.