Thursday, January 19, 2012

:Speed Stream

I've actually set a timer on this to pace myself accordingly. The experience reminds me of gesture life-drawing in that you leave "mistakes" and find ways to make it work. This'll be an effective thumb-nailing process if I can curb the time down to a comfy 15 minutes (This was an hour). Once more I implore you lovely passer-bys to speak up in the comments section if something sticks out I haven't spotted.


Fabián J. Cuevas said...

I'm loving it, dude. Those textures really do it for me.

My only comment would be to play with just a bit more color variation, especially on the right side (the hills). Your textures are bold, so if you add a few splashes of warm yellows or even red-oranges here and there it could balance it out more.

Other than that, its looking awesome. Can't wait for the next one!

Adrian Brisland said...

Hi, as a passer by, all I can say is that this is pretty cool. I get drawn into the hills on the right almost immediately, theyre pretty daunting.

Not sure If thats what you were going for, I actually dont notice the stream till much later, and I think I almost missed the sun on the first glance. But I only say that because I was implored.

But seriously man, fun stuff. Good luck getting to 15min

Mazlow said...

Fabian: I agree and I'm a little embarrassed to say I didn't go with my first instinct to do just that and post that version. Adrian: Evoking any sense of intrigue would be considered mission accomplished. I was, however, focusing on composition and leading the eye. The rocky hills fall into the little dude and the right side which in turn falls back onto that dude. I like to imagine the eye is a skateboard and my compositions are skate park.